Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Service Ellicott City

Often times when high winds or lightning storms fell trees, the quick option is to have the tree removed, letting unsightly stumps stay for the duration of time.

If you’re a property owner who is ready to remove the tree stumps from your property, or a new commercial or residential real estate buyer who is interested in improving the appearance of a newly purchased property by removing unsightly tree stumps, Ellicott City Tree Service is in your corner.

Our team is geared with fast, efficient stump grinding equipment that will have your old tree stump or tree stumps removed in no time. Best of all, when a stump is ground out properly, odds are very high that the nutrient-rich soil that stays behind will be a wonderful growing spot for a newly planted tree, which our team of certified professional arborists will be happy to help you choose.

Why Grind?

The favored method of tree stump removal, grinding has proven to help prevent the airborne spread of a fungal infection as the stump rots. Ant species such as carpenter ants can potentially move into tree stumps, constructing nests inside of the stumps of your fallen tree, risking infestation to other wood structures in the area. Termites, another tough, invasive species, are also fond of tree stumps. Unsightly and potentially dangerous fungi like mushrooms can also sprout on old tree stumps, posing a danger to children and pets.