Trimming & Pruning

Trimming & Pruning Services Ellicott City

Looking for the most trusted landscaping service in the Ellicott City region? You've found it here at Ellicott City Tree Service. We know that trees aren't just the centerpieces of your commercial or residential property, but also key to the region's environment as well. That's why Ellicott City Tree Service offers the region's homes and businesses a complex menu of of tree pruning methods and services, each of which is custom designed to promote tree health, improve the aesthetics of your property, and reduce liability risks in the event of high wind storms or lightning strikes.

Crown Thinning

The top of your trees can act as a wind trap in strong wind conditions. As a precaution, we climb high into your trees and remove necessary branches. This allows the wind to pass through the trees, reducing movement and strain in strong winds.


Removal of the inner growth of foliage from your trees. By removing the inner growth, this improves the health of your trees.


By balancing your trees, this makes them more appealing to the eye and also keeps their weight dispersed evenly for storm safety.

Deadwood & Removal

Remove branches from your trees that are no longer living. This allows a solid barrier of bark to protect your trees against dry rot, insect infestation, fire hazard and disease.